10 Games like Skyrim


The games associated with the Elder Scrolls are some of the few that have action and incredible graphics and have been developed for just about every platform you can think of. Skyrim is one of these is set in a world that players can explore as they go, trying to get from one side to other and complete quests while doing it.

The game was so popular, that developers had to ship 7 million copies in its first week to keep up with the demand and it is no wonder because it seems to combine the perfect mix of action and adventure. As with so many other games, there is a need to keep up with the Joneses, in this case with the Skyrim and this is why this developer and so many others have seen the logic in developing more games similar to Skyrim, hoping to capitalize on its success. Some, gamers have dismissed out of hand, refusing to even entertain, while others have found the same warm reception that gamers gave to Skyrim. This list holds just a few that have achieved notoriety and while some of these games may seem like obvious choices, they are no less deserving to be on the list.


The Witcher

A series of games that was based on a series of books by a Polish author, the Witcher may seem very similar to Skyrim for those who have played both. The Witchers are a race of powerful super hunters with some pretty incredible abilities. Those who first reviewed the game must have seen something they liked because the game scored very highly on review sites. As the game progresses, players don’t just fight and kill, but have some very tough decisions to make too. The game presents players with problems of morality that may have them wondering whether or not they made the right choice.


The Elder Scrolls

Though many people have played Skyrim, they may not yet have had the chance to play the other games in the Elder Scrolls series. Pity, because this is where the root of all awesome comes from. The games that appeared before Skyrim, that is, Morrowmind and Oblivion, offer players a whole new story and a whole new world to explore, and if they trust the developer quality of Skyrim, why not place their trust in these games? If you think you know all you need to about the Elder Scrolls from Skyrim, think again. They are vastly different in a number of ways, but similar in terms of gameplay.

Fallout 3

In this weird and wonderful post-apocalyptic setting, players must make their way from place to place in a virtual environment, fighting off bad guys and solving some pretty challenging quests as they go. The environment has been specially constructed to allow for some really free gameplay, so players can choose if they want to be on the side of good or evil, that is, become a wasteland hero or a scary bad guy. This game has become one of the most popular like Skyrim amongst players because though it has its differences, it offers an engaging world of gameplay and a lot of questing.

Dragon Age

This is a series of games that players may recognize if they have been involved in gaming for a while. Originally released in 2009 the game has a sequel that has capitalised on its original success quite well. This is a game that lets you decide on your character’s gender and class and players will enjoy the very strange environments and the seemingly endless customisation options. If you have played this game on PC, try playing on console as it will be an entirely different experience. The game has sold well in many markets and players are still enjoying it.

Mass Effect

Another series of games, this game has received very high marks in terms of what the critics think of it and features a unique and intelligent story that makes players think before they act. This game has been divided into a trilogy and uses third person point of view to allow players to go on a journey of self-discovery. The realistic RPG allows for players to become totally immersed in this virtual world and those who loved Skyrim will see many of the same elements in Mass Effect. The game offers AI too which means that players do not need to worry about controlling every tiny element of the game.

Dark Souls

This action game was originally launched just on PS3 and Xbox 360 but since its original release has also included a game for PC. It is one of those games that offers the same amount of detail as Skyrim, but has so many differences it is well worth playing. Hardcore gamers will love this one as it is very difficult and very dark too. In this game, players have to make their way from bonfire to bonfire, places of safety, trying to kill their opposition and avoid getting killed themselves. As they complete their quests and adventures, they will receive rewards that make the game much more entertaining too.


Guess what kids, it’s another series. However, unlike some that may not quite live up to expectations, this series has made gamers the world over very happy. Released for PC and Mac, as well as Xbox and Xbox 360, the game takes place in a made up world filled with chances to develop your character, tell stories and of course, to fight. Players have the chance to steers their characters in one direction or another and this means they get the power over whether they are good or bad to the bone. These games have a very strong focus on NPCs and this means more decisions for the protagonist to make.

Red Dead Redemption

This huge and wild world is very similar to that constructed in Skyrim and allows players to join a mission in the Wild, Wild West. The players get to take on the role of a former bad guy who has to round up his old gang mates and stick them in the pokey (jail if you’re not familiar with the terminology). In his efforts to make wrongs right, the protagonist has to complete quests, take part in duels and even gamble all in the quest to round up his former buddies. This game offers a massive open world for players to explore and the direction they take is heavily influenced by NPCs.

Kingdoms of Amalur

Another action RPG, this game is available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and has the cool slash elements that one would expect to find in these games. Offering five different regions in the game as well as many characters races and classes, the game allows players to make their way from one level to another and earn points as they go. Get enough points and you will be able to increase your skills and level up. With loads of cutscenes and great features, this is definitely a game worth the effort and allows for players to use the same format in a new environment.


Another add on for the Elder Scrolls series, this game offers players a whole new world, but the same gameplay and controls that they have come to know and love. Can it compete with Skyrim? Some say no and this may be true considering how few people know about it, but this certainly does not mean it is not a great game to play. If you’re looking for a whole new universe within the Elder Scrolls range, this is it. And who knows? You may even discover new features you thought didn’t exist in the Elder Scrolls, but they obviously do.

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