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Gamers live by the ideal that no matter what a developer releases, they have seen it all before. While this may be true of some platforms, when it comes to the Nintendo Wii, players should keep their eyes open for some of the games predicted for 2013. They will have all the usual fun elements that gamers have come to know, but according to reviewers there will be a lot more that will be brand new.


Here, we break down, detail and do a little guessing about what Wii players can expect in the New Year and what they need to start adding to their Christmas lists. While not all of these games will appeal to you, there is no doubt something for every player amongst the games in this list. And if you don’t find anything to tickle your fancy, rest assured that Nintendo probably has that on their to-do list too.


Metro Last Light

Nintendo made some big promises to release this in 2012, but somehow it slipped through gamers’ grasps and will be making an appearance in 2013 instead. Set in 2034, the game is said to be set in post-apocalyptic Moscow, a city filled with shadows and secrets. Players will need to shoot their way through tunnels and passages, dodging shadows and looking for the secrets that have been long since buried. It is assumed that it may comprise some very fancy aiming system that blows other first person shooters out of the water. While not the best game to play before bedtime, it promises to be very exciting.

Project Cars

Slightly Mad Studios, the makers of Need for Speed, have decided to bring racing games into the year 2013 with their Wii U version of Project Cars. A racing game that probably won’t be the cheapest, but features some of the most incredible cars you will have seen since 1980, probably because so many of the cars really were created in this era. The game makes use of vintage cars to create a look and feel that is quite unlike any other and that will get the racing community sweating enough to push the pedal to the metal. Previews are available on the game, and racing game lovers should definitely take a look.

Dirt Showdown

This game is probably as filthy as it sounds but gamers should sit up and pay attention since this is the only one on this list that has actually been confirmed for release. This game is all about destroying things, which casual gamers will love, especially if they loved the game on PC or Xbox. With speed boosts and various rewards available as you make your way through the streets, this game has all the best of any racing game in a Wii-style package. The controller of course will be a steering wheel and this means that you get to make your couch a virtual racing car.

Killer Freaks from Outer Space

If you guessed that this is a first-person shooter for Wii, you are spot on. Not only do you get to kill some pretty creepy looking monsters, made to look partly real and partly like warped cartoons, the game might be a hit. Then again, it might not if players actually get the clumsy gameplay they predict and while you may be able to play the game in 3D with your gun your only companion, that doesn’t mean it will be a good one. If you want to pull a friend into the game though, you’ll be pleased to note that though still in the development stages, an ‘enemy director’ mode is predicted too.


While not confirmed, if this game actually does happen it will be fantastic. Why? Because the controller in this game will be developed with multiple players in mind and that means while you’re using the controller, someone else can do something different with the TV. The developer has classes this as asymmetrical gameplay, a term used loosely to describe this action. What’s the game about? We’re not quite sure. One thing that gamers do predict though is that players will be able to scribble and draw just about anything they want to, and it seems that this is the game’s big drawcard.

F1 2012

Oh yeah! Who doesn’t love a racing game? Well, while some of the previous versions of the game left a lot to be desired, this one is more likely to be pretty impressive, thanks to the power of the Wii U. In this game, the controller will be your steering wheel and this means you get to navigate the roads and go at speeds beyond your imagination. And if you happen to have access to a microphone, you’ll also be able to chat to your pit crew. While it doesn’t distinguish itself much from the ranks of other driving games, it is a game that will create a lot of interest and will give players the chance to race to their heart’s content.

Aliens: Colonel Marines

Like army games? Then listen up because this is not the usual strategic monster you may have been used to. As the colonel, you will get to use your special radar to shoot some pretty spooky bad guys, prepare yourself for lots of blood and a healthy dose of terror. This game has been confirmed and gamers will be pleased to know that it is going to blow the socks off some of the other first person shooters they have played. Players may even find it blows their socks off, which as long as it is blowing off evil alien heads too, is all good.

Pikmin 3

It’s funny that this quirky game didn’t quite get the recognition it deserved when it was released on GameCube. Now that it is due to be released on Wii, it will probably be very popular, especially since the game really does lend itself to handheld controlling. With some pleasant new colors and new enemies to fight as well as some really fantastic environments for your character to explore, the game will be a fast favorite in the hearts of gamers. For how long, we don’t know, but we anticipate queues on the first day of release and for a few good weeks thereafter.

The Legend of Zelda

There was a time when this game would give people heart palpitations but that was a long time ago. Is it time for the game of Zelda to rise again? Perhaps if Nintendo can get it right. Based on the demos that have been released, it seems like they not only know what they are doing, but are improving on their own offering. With gyro-enabled controls that let you launch arrows and go a little nuts, this game is sure to worm its way back into the hearts of fans.  How long it will stay there is unknown, but we’ll be waiting in line for release day.


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